I have been very fortunate to have lived the majority of my life so far in two amazing locations. Growing up in Vermont gave me exposure to rural, small-town life.  The natural beauty of the pastures, barns, animals, and trees left a deep, lasting impression on me.  My family and I have lived in California for almost 20 years now, and have experienced a whole different kind of beauty.  The ocean, the sunsets, the crazy sea birds, and different beautiful trees.

By profession I am a 2nd grade teacher, but my photography is my other strong passion.  I feel that I have different eyes with a camera in my hand which is what makes this creative adventure so fun! My inspiration usually comes from sights that stop me in my tracks, make me back the car (or my feet) up.  It is about capturing special moments that make me see everyday happenings in a unique way.  Sometimes my snapshots are simply happenstance, and oftentimes those become my favorites!


Enjoy your visit!